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Allograft Product Overview

NewREGEN offers four allograft products derived from human perinatal tissue routinely discarded afterbirth that:

Contain no embryonic tissue!

Are processed exclusively from scheduled C-section live births from prescreened donors.

Are processed in ISO 5 level cleanrooms in full compliance with FDA regulations and AATB standards.

Are handled by highly skilled & trained professionals.

NewREGEN’s Allograft Product lineup consists of:

Two suspensions derived from the most beneficial tissues of the umbilical cord.

Two amniotic membrane derivatives delivered as either suspension or dehydrated membrane patches.

Allograft suspensions are delivered in 1 ml and 2 mL vials, prepackaged, for single-dose applications.

Dehydrated tissue patches may be used as wound dressings that can support rapid healing and may reduce scarring during the healing process.


Allograft suspensions, produced from the most beneficial sources of umbilical cord tissue, can support healing...


A tissue allograft suspension derived from the amniotic membrane that can support wound healing...


This product is a minimally manipulated dehydrated Amniotic membrane that can provide a protective wound cover...