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The Succinct Science - Understanding Newregen's Stem Cell Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

Jul 14, 2023
The Succinct Science - Understanding Newregen's Stem Cell Hair Rejuvenation Treatment
Hair loss can have a major impact on your self -image. Fortunately, with the innovative advancements in hair restoration, like NeoGraft® and FUE, you can say goodbye to hair loss worries and embrace a more confident you.

The regenerative medicine arena holds a potentially powerful solution for hair loss: Stem-cell Hair Treatment. But how exactly does this treatment work, and why so effectively? Let's delve into the nuanced science of stem cell hair regeneration.

The Science of Hair Growth 

Before we dive into the specifics of stem cell therapy with Newregen, understanding the fundamentals of hair growth is critical. There are three stages of hair growth cycles: Anagen (growth phase), Telogen (resting phase) and Catagen (transitional phase).

When hair follicles undergo these cycles naturally and healthily, hair growth continues. However, aging, genetic predisposition, or illnesses can disrupt these cycles, arresting hair follicles in the Telogen stage for extended periods. This scenario leads to significant hair thinning or baldness.

Enter stem cells.

Stem Cells – The Power of Regeneration

Stem cells are naturally occurring cells in our bodies that can develop into different cell types during early life and growth. In certain instances, these cells can also repair damaged tissues by dividing essentially without limit to replenish other cells.

Stem cell therapy harnesses this unique characteristic to address the root cause of hair loss: the dormant hair follicles. The treatment stimulates these inactive follicles, encouraging them back into the active growth phase.

How Does Stem Cell Hair Rejuvenation Work?

The Stem-cell hair Treatment begins with About Newregen's Allograft suspension; the stem-cell treatment

We pride ourselves on utilizing only the highest quality and ethically sourced stem cells produced from the most beneficial sources of umbilical cord tissue to support healing. As accredited experts in Regenerative Medicine, we stay committed to providing you with a safe and effective stem cell therapy that is FDA accredited. The allograft suspension utilizes the most beneficial umbilical cord tissues also contain collagen, perivascular fibers, mesenchymal stem cells, and mucous connective tissue. In their natural environment, the womb, these components serve to insulate, cushion, protect and scarlessly repair the umbilical cord tissue and blood vessels, the only source of nutrients for sustenance to the developing fetus. Additionally, these suspensions include cytokines that modulate inflammation and fibers that can provide mechanical and scaffolding support, and growth factors that can promote repair and regeneration.

These cells, once extracted, are concentrated in a laboratory setting and then carefully reintroduced into the scalp's thinning or balding areas. Through precise injections, stem cells promote the reactivation of dormant hair follicles by bringing them back into the growth phase, or the Anagen stage.

Why Does Stem Cell Hair Rejuvenation Work So Well?

The success behind Newregen's Stem cell Hair Treatment lies in its targeted treatment method and the inherent potency of the stem cells allograft suspension.

  1. Targeted Treatment:

 It directly addresses the primary cause of hair loss—the dormancy of hair follicles—and rejuvenates them at the cellular level. This precision allows for more substantial results than simply alleviating external symptoms.

  1. The Potency of Stem Cells:

Stem cells can adapt and grow into various types of cells. When applied to the scalp, they differentiate into cells contributing to the hair growth cycle, thereby increasing the treatment's effectiveness.

  1. Natural Approach:

Since the stem cells are derived from umbilical tissue, they offer a potent and rejuvenated source of undifferentiated cells, instead of matching the patients' biological age as with other comparative therapies. These stem cells are life's building blocks, making this treatment a safer alternative to more invasive or chemical treatments.

  1. Progressive Results:

 Stem cell hair rejuvenation therapy's success builds over time. Post-treatment, patients can witness increased hair growth and thickening as the cells continue to work and stimulate follicles.

Yet, it's crucial to point out that stem cell therapy while promising, may not be the silver bullet for all types of hair loss, and results can vary greatly. As with all medical treatments, consulting with the Newregen team will determine your suitability for this Stem cell Hair Rejuvenation Treatment.

In conclusion, Newregens stem cell hair rejuvenation treatment represents the cutting-edge intersection of regenerative medicine and dermatology. Using our body's incredible ability to heal and regrow, we can now leverage that power to restore and maintain a full, healthy head of hair.

At Newregen, our team of experts can help guide you in making this important decision. We will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your hair loss and discuss your aesthetic goals. Together, we can choose the procedure that best aligns with your needs.

Hair restoration is a personal journey, and the best procedure for you should meet your unique needs and expectations. 

For a comprehensive hair restoration evaluation at Newregen, give us a call or book your appointment online today.